Research made brain integration possibleBrain integration came about .

Susan McCrossin A.P. and Dr. Charles Krebs using both Kinesiology and Applied Physiology and from a long and extensive study, developed a technique making it possible to access and change brain function. The advances in research and knowledge about the brain have made it possible to effectively make corrections in the various types of brain dysfunction causing loss of integration. Loss of brain integration can be described as ADD, ADHD, Central Processing Disorder, along with others. Using the Brain Integration Technique it is possible to correct specific brain dysfunctions resulting in learning and performance problems. It is possible to correct most types of learning difficulties and enhance mental performance in a wide variety of areas, unless there has been organic brain damage.

This revolutionary technique of testing and rewiring the brain improves learning ability, creativity and physical coordination.

For more details on the history of brain integration you can access an article here written by Susan McCrossin A.P.