Balanced brain through brain integrationOriginally focusing only on learning difficulties it soon became apparent that the Brain Integration procedure is important to fundamental function at all levels, not just academic learning.

In a sense, all of Life is about learning, and how well you are able to learn and integrate your life’s experience determines to a large extent who you are and what you will do in your life.

Lack of access to functions, leads to loss of Brain Integration, at least in specific situations or circumstances. Many of life’s tasks, however, not only require access to specific brain functions, but also require the integration of the functions to successfully preform specific tasks, whether these are spelling/reading or making effective decisions in business and life.

One of the most common factors associated with learning problems is a “blocked” Corpus Callosum, the fibers that connect the two sides of the brain. While people with learning problems almost always have a “blocked” Corpus Callosum, every time you suddenly become dysfunctional, you have lost information flow across this vital pathway and thus Brain Integration.

It is important to maintain integration of brain functions during the actual stress of learning something new or in new situations, and all new learning is stressful. Because you are confronted in any new learning experience with unknown,  uncertain outcomes, all new learning creates a degree of stress that may affect our mental processing. This mental processing and often the stressors are at a subconscious level, out of your consciousness; you may be aware of the stress but usually not its origin. For some the stress may be so extreme that they lose their ability to think, making it impossible for them to do what they know how to do. Most people have experienced this type of stress in exam situations at one time or another and have “blanked out” and not been able to do a task that they could do immediately before or after the exam.

Indeed everybody loses their Brain Integration at some level of stress in specific situations and just goes blank when confronted with these situations. The only thing that varies between people is the type and degree of stress it takes for this loss of integration to occur. For instance, some people may be able to spend considerable time figuring out a calculus equation fully maintaining their integration and ultimately being successful. While others may be unable to learn even simple fractions because of the total loss of Brain Integration whenever they are confronted with the task.

When the functions required to do a task are inaccessible or not integrated, no degree of clear explanation can help you to understand or learn the concept presented. This is why so often even extensive one on one tutoring has been of little value in overcoming specific types of learning difficulties. This is also why we so repeat the same mistakes in life over and over again. In a state of loss of Brain Integration you just cannot learn.

Brain Integration can be life changing. BIT makes it possible to maintain brain function while learning difficult material and in stressful situations.