Brain Talk


A discussion about the brain and what it does. What happens when it doesn’t.


ADD/ADHD: What Is It?

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are the most common childhood mental disorders in the United States. At A Glance: The exact causes of ADD (Attention …

The scientific explaination of how and why BRAIN INTEGRATION works.

Brain-Integration Technique (BIT)

About Us

As Brain Integration Specialists we are not only qualified but also excited to assist people to reach their full potential. Most of us found BIT because we had a child that struggled with learning difficulties, so we know first hand how important this work is.

Research made brain integration possible

Our History

Brain integration came about from a long and extensive study. The advances in research and knowledge about the brain has made it possible to effectively make corrections in the various types of brain dysfunction

Balanced brain through brain integration

Our Achievements

Originally focusing only on learning difficulties it soon became apparent that the Brain Integration procedure is important to fundamental function at all levels, not just academic learning.

Our Vision

Every child have to opportunity to reach their full potential—with a permanent change—so they may pursue their true passions with confidence and ease.